Terrible and Strange Tales in Tucson

Two weeks ago, a saga broke out on social media and into the consciousness of the greater American public. The dramatic saga that unfolded was something that could only be given birth to in our modern reality TV influenced and ultra-connected age. It had everything, child sex trafficking, homeless vets, militia call outs, alliances, broken alliances, and back stabbing betrayal. So, my question was, “What is the hell is really happening out there in the desert lands of Tucson?”

Those of you who follow what is happening in the Patriot Community will most likely already be aware of the broad strokes of this story. For those that may be reading this post and not heard of the following events, the readers digest introduction would be that there was an outreach, advocacy group that works on getting homeless vets off the streets, found a homeless camp, that they felt was the site of child sex trafficking. While at first the story was embraced by both local news coverage and even another veterans  organization dedicated to the rescue of exploited children.That support quickly drained away when not even  24 hours later those claims were vehemently denied as false by those very organizations. There has been a huge back and forth in social media amongst those that believe it was a sex camp and those that do not. Here is bizarre tale coming out of Tucson…

So much of alternative new outlets these days are guilty of really covering just one side of a story. I myself have also been guilty of this and when I began writing again, I knew that I had to begin to try and get all sides to any story that I decided to write about. I was able to work a deal with someone that I had previously done work for. I would trade out taking video and photos of the incident in exchange for a plane ticket down and back to Tucson. I was able to fly down and spent 4 days in the 110,-degree borderland desert.

So, what did happen in Tucson, Arizona? That’s a good question. After spending time in AZ, on location at Camp Bravo speaking, with Lewis and his Alpha team, followed by entirely too many hours researching the players in this saga. after hours of reading the police reports, articles, online videos, and talking directly to those that had been a part of things, I certainly feel I have a better idea of what is still going there than I did before.. I will be writing about the events that transpired in what I feel is an accurate timeline and giving relevant information on the events and players as they come on stage.

On 5/28/2018 Veterans on Patrol, a veteran outreach group that in some of its membership is actually doing some really amazing work with the homeless veteran community in the Phoenix area and now the Tucson area. They created a new Facebook profile for their new homeless veteran outreach “Camp Bravo” in Tucson. The camp itself was not new, but the Facebook page was newly created on the same day as the strange discovery of the alleged child sex campsite. It was literally less than a day that they came upon a camp site that they felt was absolutely used for child sex trafficking by the cartels. The evidence they found at this site pointed towards the possibly terrible and horrid crimes. They found an underground bunker, this is a large water container used for irrigation that was flipped on its side and partially buried and then covered with logs and tarps. Inside this bunker were a few pillows, a box of children’s cereal, a couple of milk crates attached to the walls, and what appears to be part of a book case or desk.

Inside the alleged bunker that VOP claims was used to keep children that were being sexually trafficked

Outside the bunker, they found pieces of evidence throughout the camp. The most dramatic evidence was described as a tree with several bindings that appeared to be made of fire hose, carabiner straps, and rope.They found several different dolls, including an antique doll of Snow White complete with several costume changes. There was hair dye, a broken knife blade with blood on it, and a couple of journals with some pretty bizarre writings. However, in the end there was nothing that concretely demonstrated that there was any actual sexual trafficking of women and children.

In this time, Arthur Lewis, founder and de-facto leader of the group Veteran’s on Patrol, held a short lived stand off. He and others took the high-ground of a tower that was part of the CeMEX concrete plant. CeMEX, it has been pointed out online, does indeed have ties to the Clintons, and this particular site has been in disuse and sub-contracted t to other businesses on a decades long lease. VOP stayed at the camp, and started by erecting a  large flag and banner that proclaimed open season on coyotes.  That day, Lewis contacted one of his acquaintances in the patriot community, Tim Nailer, of Arizona Border Recon who referred him to Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. and his group VFCR (Veterans For Child Rescue.) Craig is a retired Navy Seal that now with a team of fellow retired Special Forces operators that take out pedophiles on camera for an upcoming documentary “Contraland.”  Craig and his team went out on location, locked, loaded, and ready to rescue live children that were being held on the site. Fortunately, there were no children to be saved., only circumstantial evidence that both VOP and for about 24 hours Craig and company felt was compelling enough to warrant further investigation.  Craig was so convinced of the strangeness of the site he took to the inter-webs, ands shared his concerns on The Hagman and Hagman show,. and on the SGT Report. But within 24 hours, he made a sudden and unexpected 180 degree turn and released a video and statement on his VFCR Facebook page stating that he had been misled and straight out lied to by Lewis.

Here is their written statement on the events:



Our organization has conducted an exhaustive on the ground examination of the alleged child sex trafficking site at 6520 S I19 Frontage Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756 located on private property owned by the Cemex Corporation. Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) was among the first to respond to site based on a false report of “children being kept in an underground bunker” on Tuesday May 29th, 2018. Our teams have been to the Tucson site a number of times, examined the camp and spoken to witnesses. Veteran US Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer, Founder of V4CR met with the Tucson Police Department and conducted a full review of the police reports, findings and facts of this case. The original claims made of this site were found to be false and alleged evidence could not be corroborated. We have officially concluded that: The site contained only circumstantial evidence that might have been indicative of possible activity involving children, but ultimately conclusive physical evidence of a child sex trafficking camp, rape trees or underground chamber for storage of children was speculative and without merit. We are very aware of the national inflated narrative that has erupted from unsubstantiated claims, made by unqualified parties. This type of attention is harmful to the efforts of legitimate anti-trafficking organizations and law enforcement. We understand that our findings will be questioned by some and rejected by others. Nevertheless, the integrity of Veterans For Child Rescue is far more important than allowing a false narrative to continue. In our professional opinion the investigation conducted by the Tucson Police Department was thorough and their findings appropriate in this case. We encourage anyone that still has questions about the facts of this case to contact the Tucson Police Department and request records related to case number: 1805290518 and 1806020213. ###



So, what is the evidence that made Craig take such a sudden and drastic turn around  in his statements? He refers us to investigate more into the police reports So far, I have not seen anyone looking into this event publish the police reports. I felt it was absolutely necessary to see what local law enforcement had to report about this situation, especially after so many allegations by VOP that there was no investigation (at all.) Here is what the police said in their entirety:



So, we can see that there absolutely was an investigation into these events by law enforcement that often work with the homeless community (and this camp specifically.) Please take the time to read these reports in their entirety and all of the evidence I present in this article. As a thinking human being, make your own decisions about this situation.

On 6/1/2018 Sgt. Lansdale of the Tuscan PD in Case #1805290518 reported that he was directed to investigate the homeless camp. While there performing his investigation he came into contact with Celina Segura, Senior Account Manager of CeMEX. There was, at the time, a local news outlet filming their coverage of the event. Lansdale relates that Segura contacted her corporate office for guidance and CeMEX management voiced their concerns for the homeless camp along with greater concern of armed personnel from VOP being onsite and what the liability CeMEX could face. On 6/4/2018 TPD was contacted by Zachary Allie, an in house senior litigation counsel for CeMEX, he relayed that they were willing to prosecute for Criminal Trespassing. VOP was then advised of this and Lewis agreed to end his “standoff” but said that it would take three days to break down the encampment they had set. While, breaking down the site, VOP collected what they felt was evidence and they brought back to their Camp Bravo. Later, while spending time with VOP at their Bravo camp, I was the first person they allowed to document this evidence. I will go into this later in this article.

banner and flag displayed by VOP during their stand off

It is true that the camp on CeMex property was bulldozed within 24 hours of VOP vacating the property. I can see how CeMex would want to keep any liability issues contained, especially when they could be liable for a multi-million-dollar lawsuit if there were a fall or an injury due to a fire-arm discharge. However, I also wish the site would have been preserved so that the allegations surrounding it could have been further investigated in a more transparent way.


It was then on 6/7/2018 that, working on tips from a local land owner, that VOP announced, via Facebook live stream that they had found the remains of a child. This find was in actuality almost 25 miles away from the “Sex Camp” and contained a sun bleached human skull. As the medical examiner would soon reveal, the skull was not that of a child but rather that of a middle aged adult male. I cannot in good conscience make any connection between the alleged “Sex Camp” and this evidence claimed by VOP.

On that very next weekend (6/9/2018) VOP,  claimed they were somehow following the trail of a cartel scout that was somehow tracked from the original “Sex Camp.” As a member of the tracking team for my own local Search and Rescue, I find it difficult that they would be able to actually track an individual from the camp to a home owners ranching buildings, particularly  considering that the tracking was done many days later, over a considerable distance. Once at the ranch, the VOP team, with “alternative media outlet” Dark Sky Watcher 74, then proceeded to break and enter a private residence, and even go so far as to cut the cords to the cctv security cameras. Unfortunately for VOP, the security system had a redundant cell phone based back up, so video of this is out there. Now, to be fair, there was, what could have been evidence of cartel activity just in looking at the large amounts of maps of the area, the way all of the chairs were positioned near windows in ways that would suggest that they were being used by look-outs, along with a ladder that ran up the inside of a cooling tower in a way that would also allow a scout a birds eye view of the surrounding property.. This was also recorded by Dark Sky Watcher 74, albeit without the footage of the attempted disabling of the security system. The recorded livestream also includes a phone call between Lewis and the manager of the ranch complete with verbal jousting, accusations, and unveiled threats at one another. Dark Sky Watcher 74 also does not want any sites that are questioning his report which includes the footage and has posted a threat to anyone who may be wishing to use the recording in any way he feels goes against his narrative.

Lewis and VOP break and enter into a local cattle ranch.


Day by day this story seems to get more and more bizarre. At this point the character and motivations of Lewis does need to be questioned. Rather than go into the volumes of evidence on both the extensive criminal record and allegations involving Lewis I will refer you to an in-depth article that has already been written and published recently. It seems every few days there is another major discovery made by VOP. What is certain, is that there is an incredible amount of goods and money, in the form of donated gift cards that can either be used in ATMs or easily exchanged for cash involved.

Let’s take a look at the circumstantial evidence that has been presented as proof by VOP. Here is a list of what I feel is the most relevant to this investigation event and the allegations of child sex trafficking and assaults:

  • The bunker / children’s dolls- After speaking to Albert Ondras, AKA Cowboy, who has lived in the deserts outside Tucson, and specifically at the location of the camp during the years that has been used by the homeless population. According to my phone conversation with him, the bunker was originally built by a trans person “Thomas”, whom had built the shelter to provide both protection from the extreme heat of the summer desert and from the violence that can often happen in homeless camps. Here is a video clip of Thomas admitting to building the bunker.


And here is the interview I had with Cowboy and his partner Yvonne Faith where they break down the members of this specific camp community. They give a timeline of who has recently lived there and back up Thomas’s claims of having built the bunker and the reasons for the children’s toys at the site.  These tell us that Thomas used the dolls and doll costumes to create patterns for the sewing of costumes for shows.

The Knife – A story was relayed to me during my time at Camp Bravo by Lewis that the knife had been found by a female member of his team. This person had found the knife, well actually just part of a knife blade, while walking around the camp. She had a gut feeling and dug 3 feet down into the baked desert earth then happened to find it. I will admit that this does sound a bit outlandish, but it was the character of the woman who found it, described to me by Lewis, that brought the most weight to this find. Supposedly, she was a pillar of her local community and founder of a non-profit that provided support to family members of Air Force personnel that have been deployed called Bravely Waiting. However, a search for this organization turned up nothing more than a Better Business Bureau inquest that showed they were unable to verify this organization. I was also told that she turned it into the Tucson PD. According to the police report (shown above) a knife was indeed turned as evidence.

  • The Rape Tree – During my time in Arizona I was able to speak with one of the original citizen border patrol groups who has had decades of experience. She was able to show me video and pictures of what cartel/coyote related rape trees usually look like. They are very different from what we see at the homeless camp.

    According to two prominent long time residents (20+ years) of the homeless camp, that I spoke to via phone, Cowboy and  Yvonne, the straps on the trees were used to keep their food and belongings up and out of reach of a local wild pigs called javelinas. After a little digging into their facebook profiles I was able to find pictures of the pigs actually raiding the very camp in question.

  • The Hair Dye – One of the items that VOP alleged was used to change the color of trafficked children’s hair to disguise them. Again, just a little bit of research into the Facebook profiles of those that actually lived at the camp shows there is a much simpler, less sinister explanation. Yvonne Faith has a post from 1/ 7/17 that she had used the dye herself.


Here is the phone interview I did with Yvonne and Cowboy

So what do I think really happened?

I have been thinking on this quite a bit. I have to be honest, after spending time with Lewis and VOP, I do honestly believe that they are, by in large, good people that believe in what they are doing. Lewis himself is a very charismatic person, and it easy to get whipped up with his missions. But, when I step back and take a look into his past, and the allegations that seem to be mounting against him, I have to urge caution. It may be that he came across an atypical homeless camp and honestly believes that he is on the track of pedophiles. But it also could be that he is more interested in creating an event, like he has tried to do many times before, including at the Bundy Ranch and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge stand offs, to generate the massive inflow of donations.

In the end the problem of sexual trafficking, one of the largest 500 pound guerrillas we have in our communal room, is a heartbreaking huge problem. There are approximately  2 million women and children that are currently being exploited by the trade., and we, in the United States, are the largest consumer of this evil business. I hope that the silver lining to this is that it brings more exposure to this nightmarish issue.



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  1. I find it interesting that in the one report where Lewis shows up with Eric that part of Lewis’s name was redacted while Eric’s name was not redacted at all. What would be a reason for his name being redacted?

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